Saturday, January 28, 2017

One Room Schoolhouse | Marrs Township, Posey County | Evansville, Indiana

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Photograph C. E. L. Dixon
One Room Schoolhouse
Teacher holding rope for school bell 
Black and white photograph  ca. 1927-1928
The color photographs were taken approximately 2003
 Marrs Township, Posey County, Evansville, Indiana.

Other One Room Schoolhouse in the United States

Rural America prior to the industrial Revolution served children, often, with an education experience in a community run one-room schoolhouse. President John Adams taught in a one-room schoolhouse outside Boston, Massachusetts. 
President Abraham Lincoln was educated at a one-room school in Illinois. Industrialist, Henry Ford conserved his childhood school by moving it to the living history museum at Greenfield Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

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